We respond with why not? We build our work from the ground up. From the bit, up to the final bezheir smooth curve we've got. We understand that any piece of work requires a very sturdy foundation. In the case of computers, we talk 'bit'. We go behind the pretty to bring you the visual. We see the code that goes into what you see in the end product. We are aware of the bits that are required to create the final piece. We. Are. Awarebit.


is a software developer and programmer with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering and a Minor in Business from Brock University. He enjoys scripting, and programming in various languages, hacking away at databases in MySQL and Oracle, and writing emulators. His dayjob is a Programmer Analyst and QA at a BCM software firm in Toronto. He provides the nerdy side of awarebit's code, database design/implementation and technical guidance.


is energetic, loyal, creative, and loves people. She is a graduate of OCAD with a major in Advertising and minor in Graphic Design, as well as a gradute from Seneca College's Webmaster Program. She's most happy when she's got several projects going on at once. She thrives off of a challenge. she loves bringing ideas to life. Throw her all you've got, and she'll whittle it down to the core for you. Her dayjobs consist of being a TA in the webmaster program she graduated from three years ago, an InDesign instructor, and does the pretty side of awarebit's code, graphics, illustrations.