Evolving the Methodology of Business Resiliency Planning

eBRP Solutions strives to harness leading edge technology to create management decision support tools that serve the needs of Business Continuity Management professionals. We work closely with our customers to constantly improve our eBRP Suite of products, to continually enhance usability, flexibility and scalability. We always aim to create the best solutions for our customers’ BCM requirements, with the lowest total cost of ownership and a justifiable return on investment.

eBRP Solutions evolved the methodology of Business Resiliency Planning to an Asset-Centric model, defying traditional plan-centric BCM ‘standards’, thus empowering organizations to become Incident Ready.

Our Beginning

eBRP Solutions was founded in 2002 by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery professionals. We foresaw that the complexity of business would soon outstrip the capability of the BCM tools available on the market.

We didn’t begin with the goal of building a tool to write Business Continuity plans. Instead, we asked ourselves one question:

What information is necessary to effectively manage a disruptive incident?

We concluded that information is critical to effective Incident Management. Current, comprehensive and dynamically accessible information enables analysis, rational planning and decision support. Plans stored in a program binder become useless the moment anything changes: people, technology, vendors, customers or business processes. Making information itself the core of Business Continuity Management enables the creation of viable and sustainable BCM programs.