eBRP's CommandCentre utility provides incident commanders the decision support, collaboration, communication and monitoring tools needed for the successful resolution of any operational disruption.

General Details
Risk Assessment
Toolkit Facilitates
  • When an incident occurs, you will need answers to critical questions:

    - What happened?
    - Who and what has been impacted (directly and indirectly)?
    - Which plans do we need to invoke and when?
    - Who is available to execute those plans?
    - What resources to they need?
    - Where are excess resources available?
    - What progress is being made on executing the plans?
    - What roadblocks or hurdles stand in the way of recovery?

    Depending on the scope of the incident, you may need to invoke 5, 10 or even 100 individual plans. Are you prepared to manage that volume of activity? Having built your plans in Toolkit, CommandCentre is ready and able to answer those questions with real-time information to support every decision. CommandCentre provides all the tools your Incident Management team needs for dynamic decision support, responder collaboration and management dashboard reporting. No software is more capable than CommandCentre at ensuring Incident Management teams meet their recovery time objectives. CommandCentre can manage multiple incidents simultaneously and can even be used for testing and exercising of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. CommandCentre is an online, interactive system that enables:

    - initial responders to escalate an incident
    - incident management teams to monitor and manage
    - the response
    - recovery teams to communicate their status and escalate issues
    - other constituents to monitor progress of the recovery effort

    All this happens from a single web-based platform in real time with integrated automated voice notification, BlackBerry compatibility for remote participants, audit tracking for compliance and post-mortem review.

  • Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Modeling and Plan Development

    Toolkit is the base on which the eBRP Suite is built. Toolkit consolidates Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Modeling and Plan Development to identify critical information. Toolkit's data collection and analysis tools focus on connecting the dependencies among assets which lies at the heart of effective BCM programs.

  • Toolkit Facilitates Creating a Viable and Sustainable BCM Program

    When a disruptive incident occurs, information is the most vital resource required for effective Incident Management. Unfortunately, information is often unavailable to Crisis Managers either because it has never been collected, or because it is buried inside standalone Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

    Available as an on-premise installable license or as vendor hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS), Toolkit comes as a single integrated solution that provides unlimited user access. Web-based access to the Toolkit means no software installation is required on user workstations and minimal effort is required to get users up and running in eBRP Suite.