Channel Partners

MHA is a leading business continuity consulting firm, helping protect trillions of dollars of global-market assets for today’s leading businesses. MHA’s experienced consultants are fully trained in the deployment and integration of eBRP Products.

Founded in 2012, BCM Central offers managed services in which they implement and administer Continuity Management (BCM) Programs on the behalf of their customers. BCM Central’s experts ensure customer programs remain effective and under control, while adapting to change with their organizations.

Technology Partners

Savvis delivers the scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure that eBRP’s SaaS-hosted applications require and our Customers deserve. Leveraging Savvis’ SaaS infrastructure, eBRP is able to provide access to your BCM solution with maximum security and high availability.

Notification Partners

Everbridge’s next generation Automated Notification System infrastructure can be integrated with eBRP products to ensure optimal notification delivery and performance.

MIR3 is a premier provider of Intelligent Notification and response software. Integrated with eBRP Products, MIR3 assures that, should the unthinkable happen, messages can be instantly launched to select audiences, anywhere.

Cassidian Communications is a trusted leader in mission critical communication. Integrated with eBRP Products, Cassidian can reach targeted audiences efficiently and effectively.

Send Word Now is a leading provider of on-demand alerting and incident response services for both routine and emergency communication. Integrated with eBRP Products, Send Word Now ensures fast, effective, two-way communication in real-time.