Plan Migration

You may have spent years accumulating data and creating plans in a legacy BCP/DRP software that is no longer able to deliver everything you need. Understandably, you may be reluctant to switch to a high performance software package because of the amount of work you’ve already invested in the old system.

The time you spent developing and maintaining plans and data need not be lost. Our team of experts can take your data from current software and map it to eBRP’s leading edge eBRP Suite, migrate your existing data and replicate your developed plans.

Not only can all of your existing data be saved, your old data can suddenly be transformed into new sources of usable information. Once converted, Toolkit’s leading innovative tools make improvements to your old plans easy. And the old lists you once found useful, will suddenly yield new information you never knew possible.

eBRP lets you build upon your previous work and gain the advantages of the industry’s leading resiliency program platform.