The backbone of eBRP Suite, Toolkit integrates risk assessment, business impact analysis, modeling and plan development tools to facilitate the capture and analysis of critical information. Toolkit's data collection and analytical tools focus on connecting the dependencies among assets (facilities, people, vendors, technology, and processes) which organizations rely on for day-to-day operations.

Become Incident Ready
Risk Assessment
Toolkit Facilitates
  • Become Incident Ready with eBRP Suite.

    At the heart of eBRP's award winning web-based eBRP Suite is Toolkit. Toolkit maps out all of the asset independencies so you can understand the vulnerabilities within your organization, creates viable response plans, creates an actionable BCM program and provides decision support to Incident Managers and responders.

    Within eBRP Suite, Toolkit integrates all aspects of the BCP lifecycle, all within one single relational database. What this means is that all the critical information within your BCM Program is aware of itself. This is why eBRP Suite is the only software that can help you achieve total operational visibility and ultimate decision support.

  • Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Modeling and Plan Development

    Toolkit is the base on which the eBRP Suite is built. Toolkit consolidates Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Modeling and Plan Development to identify critical information. Toolkit's data collection and analysis tools focus on connecting the dependencies among assets which lies at the heart of effective BCM programs.

  • Toolkit Facilitates Creating a Viable and Sustainable BCM Program

    When a disruptive incident occurs, information is the most vital resource required for effective Incident Management. Unfortunately, information is often unavailable to Crisis Managers either because it has never been collected, or because it is buried inside standalone Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

    Available as an on-premise installable license or as vendor hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS), Toolkit comes as a single integrated solution that provides unlimited user access. Web-based access to the Toolkit means no software installation is required on user workstations and minimal effort is required to get users up and running in eBRP Suite.

Plan DevelopmentProcess ModelingRisk Assessment
Plans can be created and customized from best practices templates or built from scratch. Process modeling catalogues the business processes and functions and tracks the complex dependencies Use NIST 800 qualitative risk assessment recommendations to gauge risks and identify mitigation strategies for facilities
Software as a Service (SaaS)Technology ModelingVoice Notification
SaaS is available as a "pay-as-you-go" web hosted subscription service. Toolkit's Technology Modeling helps to create an inventory of IT assets and a map of IT services and applications. eBRP Suite integrates with many of the leading commercial emergency notification vendors.