Learn the Tool, Master the Information

eBRP offers a number of training options for organizations eager to work toward Business Resiliency. While Toolkit comes with a standard set up and installation service, you may want a more in-depth kickoff to include one or more of eBRP’s additional training packages.


Administrator Training is a 2-day, instructor-led, hands-on course for Toolkit administrators. Training can be conducted at your location, or at the eBRP Academy in Toronto. Our Subject Matter Experts can assist administrators in designing a training curriculum to meet their specific needs.

Toolkit Administrator Training includes:

  • Overview and navigation
  • Organization modeling
  • User administration
  • Process Modeling
  • Plan template and plan development
  • Security, data importing and administrative controls
  • Team management
  • Process modeling (for BC planners)
  • Technology modeling (for DR planners)

Additional Administrator Training is available for BIA implementation (a 1-day course focusing on eBRP Suite’s survey and wizard tools) and CommandCentre implementation (a half-day course focused on eBRP Suite’s incident management tools).

End-User Training

eBRP’s Professional Services team can assist you by supplementing your in-house training capabilities with Toolkit experts who can provide onsite or remote end-user training services. Training content and fees are negotiated for each training session.

Training Academy

eBRP’s in-house Training Academy provides regularly scheduled training courses so that organizations may supplement their normal training with dedicated eBRP Suite off-site immersion education. eBRP can also design custom in-house Training Programs, create training materials and provide the additional manpower customers may need to effectively train their organization’s BCM program participants.

Web-Based Training

eBRP offers web-based training for single in-depth review topics for Administrators These collaborative online (WebEx) sessions are available on a scheduled basis suitable for both new and experienced Administrators. Subjects include anything from Process Modeling to Team management.